10 Women In Finance To Follow On Twitter


Finance is a world that used to be dominated by men, but that's definitely not the case anymore.

Women have taken the financial universe by storm, penetrating every avenue from trading desks to newsrooms. So many of them have tons of great information that they’re willing to share with the world, but here are just a few that every trader and investor should be following on Twitter:

1. Nicole Sherrod: Managing Director of Trading at TD Ameritrade (@TDANSherrod)

Follow TD Ameritrade Managing Director of Trading Nicole Sherrod to get daily updates on the top-traded equities at TDA, as well as other info on charts, signals from seasonal trends and all-around witty commentary.

2. Gemma Godfrey: Broadcaster, Board Advisor & Quantum Physicist (@GCGodfrey)

Gemma Godfrey’s Twitter is full of geopolitical information and macro trends. Her background in quantum physics makes her a wiz at breaking down complicated ideas into simple concepts that every investor can understand.

3. Lydia Idem Finkley: Author of FaighMightFX (@faithmight)

Forex is Lydia Finkley’s forte. She likes to trade mostly the British Pound Sterling, but she follows and is knowledgeable about most currencies in the foreign-exchange market.


4. Angie Maguire: Vice President of Grain for Citizens Elevator (@GoddessofGrain)

Angie Maguire should be the go-to source on Twitter for grains and the commodities market. If there’s news, Maguire is either tweeting or re-tweeting it. Her lighted-hearted approach makes it worth the read, too.

5. Kristin Bentz: President of Talented Blonde LLC (@TALENTEDBLONDE)

She’s blonde, sassy and wicked smart about retail. A background in fashion gives Kristin Bentz a major leg up when it comes to understanding trends in the retail sector.

6. Cate Long: Founder of Puerto Rico Clearinghouse (@cate_long)

It’s all about bonds for Cate Long. A former municipal bond blogger for Reuters and current owner of a bondholder research service, Long understands the bond market from Puerto Rico to Detroit.

7. Heidi Moore: Editor of U.S. Finance and Economics for The Guardian (@moorehn)

Journalists are some of the most active finance users on Twitter. With past work experience with both The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, Heidi Moore is a wealth of information on everything affecting the markets.

8. Rachel Fox: 18-Year-Old Actress & Stock Trader (@FoxonStocks)

In addition to her Hollywood career, Rachel Fox is an active investor in the markets. Her Twitter is full of links to posts from her FoxOnStocks blog, including trading ideas and investor education.

9. Helene Meisler: Columnist for RealMoney.com (@hmeisler)

The value in Helene Meisler’s tweets is that they are short and get right to the point. She tweets openly and often, about everything from specific equities to broad market trends.

10. Anne Marie Baiynd: Author of The Trading Book (@AnneMarieTrades)

Anne Marie Baiynd is the queen of reliable, consistent and easy-to-understand technical analysis. Added bonus: she’s incredibly helpful to any trader who wants to learn.

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