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Scott Stapp's Troubles Began A While Ago: Here's What He Said In A Reddit AMA In March


Scott Stapp has had a rough week. The former lead singer of Creed made headlines after posting a Facebook video claiming he's "completely penniless" and "living in a Holiday Inn."

Few remember, though, that Stapp held a Reddit AMA in March that also went viral.

Mashable called it one of the worst AMAs ever. And thanks to the wonders of archived posts, the highlights are still available:

On Hate

GreGoMo: How do you feel about all the hate you get? Does it ever actually get to you? Keep on making music tho man for real so many people love what you do

scottstappAMA: I can't lie, there are times it get's to me. I've learned to channel the negative energy into motivation. So today, my new album "Proof of Life" is my answer to it all.

On Music

0c34n: Scott - What is your favorite band that no one would ever guess you liked? Thanks!

scottstappAMA: JayZ

On Beginnings

JakePRS: I saw a video recently of Mark talking about how Creed started, very cool. He talked about how you all found Scott Phillips but didn't mention how you found Brian Marshall. Can you talk about that part of how Creed formed. Thanks

scottstappAMA: Brian was playing in a college cover band called "Baby Fish Mouth". Mark and I saw him at a show one night and thought he would be perfect for our band. After pressuring him for 2-3 months, he decided to leave that gig and join us.

On A New Band

tgriffith1992: Hey Scott! Would you ever consider forming another band? By another band, I don't mean your solo project (as awesome as it is). I'm talking about a new band with new musicians, a new band name, and a new start.

scottstappAMA: Definitely a possibility. I kind of feel like I already have.

Unanswered Questions

dyaknowhatimean: Who rocks out harder, you or Chad Kroeger from Nickleback?

Casedogg311: Why do you chose to ignore all the questions about the 311 incident?

c4103: Can you take me higher?


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