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Bellabeat Launches Tech-Driven Corporate Wellness Program


After 2020, it is inevitable that corporate wellness becomes one of the most important elements of a person’s professional life. Studies continue to prove that employee wellness should be at the top of companies' priority lists. However, traditionally it has been nearly impossible for employers to help steer workers towards healthier habits for their minds, routines, and bodies.

One company, Bellabeat, a high-tech jewellery maker, has made this one of their main focuses. After months of testing, the wellness-driven tech company has officially launched a new corporate wellness programming in February 2021. The program enables female employees of participating companies to monitor and improve their health based on personalised recommendations.

Empowering women at the workplace

Bellabeat's announcement of its corporate wellness program for women included several points highlighted by tech enthusiasts and companies already successfully using the program. These include LG, Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT). Some of its key features include:

Corporations will use innovative, stylish devices to track employee’s health and developments: The corporate wellness program tracks users' health through three modern, ergonomic smart devices. These are Bellabeat's Leaf (a pendant), Time (a classic, slim watch) and Spring (an elegant water bottle). Through the sensors and technology installed in these devices, the system compiles, processes, and interprets data generated by women in and out of the workplace.

Top-tier technology and Artificial Intelligence adoption: Bellabeat uses an AI that learns, adapts, and becomes more accurate with use, aiming to help employees improve habits directly related to the results they are experiencing.

Personalised wellness programs based on data: Bellabeat users daily, on average, complete 3 million goals, start 1.6 million programs, 6.4 million workouts, and 600 thousand conversations about women's health. With a focus on the body/mind experience, the programs can tackle daily challenges such as proper hydration, meditation and stress control, healthy eating, sleep, and more.

An analytics-based approach to wellness: The program's app was developed in collaboration with experts in Human Resources, along with doctors and specialists in the wellness field. In the application, along with tips to improve their health and habits, employees receive an overview of their progress as well as reports on their office's collective wellness through a shared dashboard.

Privacy features: In an age where true privacy is more important and difficult to achieve than ever, Bellabeat ensures that only employees get to see their personal data and progress. In the words of Melanie Messina, Head of Product: "By working with larger forward-thinking companies, we found out employers don't want to track their employees; they simply want them to be happier and more productive – therefore we created a dashboard exclusively for employees to view and share their wellness between colleagues."

Companies will be able to see the improvement and track the progress of their complete personnel, not individual cases, helping users ease into the experience knowing full-well that only they can know the specifics of their progress.

Improving Lives to Improve Quality

With wellness programs representing a 56% decline in sick days, a 30% improvement in early sickness detection, and a 20% increase in time dedicated to health according to a study, Bellabeat aims to help these programs become no-brainers for companies.

Apart from the benefits cited above, investing in women's holistic well-being brings 15% more revenue on average. Adding this to the untraceable but tangible benefits towards corporate culture, employee retention, and an improved workplace environment of wellness programs makes them highly desirable, and even cost-saving for companies.

Time will tell if the efforts of Bellabeat end up shaping a new approach for mainstream corporate culture. However, more than one would agree that, even if motivated by profits and cost savings, a data-based approach to individual and collective health is a step in the right direction for corporate environments everywhere.


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