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Working in the trucking industry can be quite profitable. The right truck driving job will result in higher pay rates, in a shorter period of time. Regardless of age or your experience in the industry, the right truck driving job is going to result in more earnings and better perks as a driver. 1 out of 15 workers in the United States are holding a truck driving job, which tells much about the much increasing need for good truck drivers. These are among the top paying jobs, when you are looking for a career in the trucking industry.

1. Liquid hauling

Gas, chemicals, and other similar materials are dangerous to be around. Furthermore, they require great skill for you to drive and haul them. For this reason, working in this industry, you are going to earn more, and depending on the type of hazardous material, and company that you work for, the pay rate can be great.

2. Ice road trucking

Due to the dangerous road conditions, you can earn quite a bit in this field. In a few short months you can earn anywhere from $20K up to $75K, working only part of the year.

3. Oversized loads

Driving double wide trucks, and over load trucks will also result in a higher pay rate. Not only do you need a special license, special training is also required for the job. You will need to learn how to drive certain trucks, and will be paid much more for this skill.

4. Specialty car haulers

Transporting cars that are damaged or need to be delivered to customers is also a high paying job. If you deliver specialty, luxurious cars, you can earn even more when working in this field.

5. Dump truck driving

Transporting and working in the dump trucking industry is also a high paying job. You can find jobs in various locations, internationally, and you can work for small local companies, earning a high pay rate as well.

6. Mining industry

Deliveries pick up, and other work in the mining industry is quite profitable as well. You can work for small companies, or work as a contractor in this field as well.

7. Team driving

The long driving distance, and working with other drivers, can also pay a higher rate. The burn out in this field is typically a problem, as you drive long distances, and will sometimes be limited in the amount you can drive, and where you can drive, by federal and state regulations.

8. Interstate drivers

Due to longer distances, tight schedules, and heavy load deliveries, you can also earn quite well in this field. You drive more, and have to maintain a tight schedule, but doing so will result in higher earnings.

9. Recruiter

In some instances, working for a trucking company, as opposed to being a driver, will earn you more money. If you recruit in the field, you are going to earn more, especially if you bring in great drivers.

10. Instructor

Working in a trucking school may also allow you to earn some money. Not only do you stay in one location, and work with students, you don’t have to do the long hours, or dangerous roads, and can earn rather well.

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