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2 Weird Casino Stories


If you're ever in need of a funny story, look no further than the casino. The gambling aspect often brings out characters with stories that stand out for their uniqueness. 

For example, many people remember the sensational story about Alex Fisher, the girl who was crowned the poker genius. She was from a Texas family where there was a gambling atmosphere, and eventually became one of the best poker players in the world. Thanks to her father, who was an avid poker player and watcher, the seven-year-old was able to catch on to the game quickly, and ended up eventually playing such legends as Chris Ferguson, Doyle Brant, and Phil Ivey.

Another time, someone stole $1.5 million in casino chips. Security cameras caught him holding up a table with a gun, grabbing the chips and running out the door. Unfortunately, the thief didn't seem to realize that casino chips are only redeemable at the casino they came from. Considering it would've been hard to subtedly redeem all those chips, he essentially stole a whole bunch of worthless plastic. 

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