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How To Finance Your Master's Degree


If you’ve chosen to take on a master’s degree, or are currently considering it, you’re aware that it’s not exactly cheap. Whether you’re studying in school or taking a masters in public health online with The University of Arizona, studying a master’s degree, especially if it’s an intense course such as a master of public health, the last thing you want to be worried about is money. This is a look at some of the best options available to you.

Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for either a scholarship or a federal loan. While this won’t cover the whole fee, it could help you if you really need it. Your best options are to see if you can get a scholarship first, and then a grant. If you are studying a healthcare or related degree, you may be eligible for further grant money. It’s certainly worth looking into, as you don’t have to pay grant money back. Many people worry that if they study online, financial assistance won’t be available to them, but this is not the case.

A Part-Time Job

After grants, the next best option is managing to earn some money yourself before you consider a loan. A lot of companies are happy to take on students, just at evenings or weekends. Some even welcome it, as it allows other staff to take this time off.

If you can find a part-time job related to your area of study, it would be even better. It could come in valuable in terms of gaining practical experience to help you through your course, but you may also find there is a full time graduate’s job waiting for you once you’ve finished your studies.

Make Money Online

Earning money online is a brilliant idea for students. You can work as much or as little as you want, take on extra work when you need it, and maybe have some fun and learn a new skill while you’re at it. Some of the options here include

• Starting your own blog - While this may take a while to make money, starting a blog relating to your field of study could be really good fun, allow you to make new friends in your field, and could potentially make you a lot of money; some people even do it as a full-time job.

• Taking online surveys for marketing companies - This won’t make you a fortune, but you could get paid $5 a time for filling in surveys at home; easy money.

• Sell things - If you have any creative talents, you could make your own items and sell them on Etsy. This can become a steady income and fun hobby.

• Sell your own services - Register on a freelance site like Upwork and get paid to write or design for other people.

There are so many ways to finance your postgraduate degree, from financial aid to earning money yourself, so don’t let money worries put you off continuing your education. Whichever option, or combination of options, you choose, always remember that your studies come first, so don’t forget to prioritize your time effectively.

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