Top News In Fintech And Beyond For August 9, 2022

👉 Top Things To Know In TradeFi:

  • NYSE taps a new head of options ICE
  • CME eyeing European O/N future CME
  • Robinhood’s chief of product quits HOOD
  • deals help w/ licenses
  • Kohle Capital Markets grew offers

👉 Top Things To Know In Fintech

  • CIBC announcing MX agreement
  • Legado bought B2B bill manager
  • Cronos adding a $100M program
  • Treasury sanctions Tornado Cash
  • Bank of London to open tech hub
  • Infincept rolls out payments offer
  • ACI now teamed up with Cardnet
  • Aqua Global unveiled Aquila offer
  • CFTC targeting PredictIt platform
  • FRAMEWORK betters VC model
  • Bitrue, Unicorn Ventures team up
  • Visual Lease added a new leader

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  • A time- and volatility-tested gateway to market
  • $0 direct access routing and no commissions
  • Extended hours trading and real-time streams
  • Short Locates Plus tool to source, short stock
  • Commitment to customer service and learning

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👉 Interesting Reads:

  • RIP, Spirit, the most hated airline SAVE
  • The dollar is the dominant crypto
  • FBI raided Trump’s Mara-a-Lago
  • Guy works 5hrs/week, rakes it in
  • Supply chain, labor market heals
  • Economic paradigm got a reboot
  • Novogratz is not seeing big flows
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