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Gradement Automates Calculations For Fundamental Analysis Traders

Gradement Automates Calculations For Fundamental Analysis Traders

The Benzinga Global Fintech Awards are a yearly showcase of the best and brightest in fintech. In preparation for its biggest installment yet in May 2018, we're profiling the companies competing for the BZ Awards.

Our next feature is on Gradement.

What does your company do? What unique problem does it solve?

Luis Fernandez, founder: We help the retail investor by systematizing the fundamental analysis of companies.

Gradement reduces all the complexities of accounting to a series of easy to use ratings.

There are three fundamental aspects of investing to be analyzed for each company: its profitability, solvency and price. We automatize the calculation of these three important variables using what we consider to be the best and state-of-the-art accounting analysis techniques available.

Who are your customers?

Mainly retail fundamental investors.

How long have you been in business?

We are now finalizing the incorporation process. We expect the process to be completed this January.

Where are you located?

My residence is in Spain, but the company is being incorporated in another EU country, Estonia.

Estonia is one of the most startup-friendly countries in all the European Union.

Who is your company's leadership? What kind of experience do they have?

This company is a project that I have developed on my own for a period of several years. Initially it was a tool I used to invest personally, but over time it has acquired such a size/scale that I have decided to make it available to the public.

I'm an IT engineer and business school graduated so this project brings together the two things I like the most.

Who are your investors, if any?

At the moment we are not looking for venture capital. We plan to grow organically at least for a while.

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