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Collective2 Will Help You Find Alpha—For A Price

Collective2 Will Help You Find Alpha—For A Price

The 2017 Benzinga Fintech Summit was a gathering of leaders from every fintech vertical displaying the next generation of fintech innovation. In this new article series, we’ll be sharing insights and new products from the inaugural BZ Summit.

The Company:

Collective2 is an online platform that connects retail traders with other investors. The company tracks top traders’ brokerage accounts, publishes the traders’ strategies, and allows other investors to subscribe to those strategies.

The Pitch:

Collective2’s head of product, Rod Casilli, says the company’s guiding principle is that there are still pockets of alpha in the markets, and that traders just need to find them. Essentially, Collective2 allows traders to sell the alpha they’ve found on its platform.

“Think of us as one big API—traders simply connect their account to a strategy on Collective2,” Casilli said. Casilli compared the company to Cake Financial, which pioneered a similar strategy-sharing model before it was acquired and shut down by Etrade.

The Future:

Casilli sees roboadvisors and other relatively new market entrants as driving a “race to zero” in finding alpha and trying to make indexes more efficient. Collective2 plans to help traders find any remaining untapped and actionable strategies.


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