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RealtyShares Gives Investors Access To Real Estate With Just A Few Clicks

RealtyShares Gives Investors Access To Real Estate With Just A Few Clicks

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For this installment, we spoke with RealtyShares director of investor sales Amy Kirsch.

Give me the elevator pitch for RealtyShares.

Amy Kirsch: RealtyShares is the most diverse, efficient real estate marketplace currently available where accredited investors can see investments from across the country in a variety of products, geographies and asset classes.

What makes it so diverse? The markets available or the types of real estate?

All of the above. We’ve done deals in 39 states, we offer debt and equity, commercial and residential, and we’ve done basically every asset class.

What’s the purpose of the diversification? Was it in response to offerings you saw on other marketplaces? Were investors asking for these investment opportunities?

We saw the real estate investment marketplace was duplicated in general. Typically, the access to deals people had, if they had access at all, was through local people, country club deals, friends and family. It wasn’t like a stock market where you had a wide selection of different offerings. It comes from both places—we want to give people the opportunity to build a portfolio of real estate without concentrating it into one specific investment. No matter how much you’re looking to invest, diversification is key.

Do you have a minimum for investment?

The lowest limit we have now is $5,000, but it varies on how large of a fundraise we’re completing.

Walk me through the process of making an investment on the marketplace.

If you’re an accredited investor, you can just make an account on the platform. If you want to start investing right away, you need to have a quick conversation with someone from the investor relations team so we can better understand your investment objectives and walk you through the platform.

From there, we launch anywhere from two to five deals a week. You create a small investment profile about yourself, link a bank account, and then the actual investment process takes about three minutes. You put in how much you want to invest, select the account you’re using, electronically sign documents, and you’re in.

What’s innovative about RealtyShares? The technology, or what it lets you access?
A combination of both—I’ve invested in real estate in the past, and it’s always come through people I knew, and it was concentrated to where I was living at the time. When you’re looking at middle-market opportunities or don’t have hundreds millions of dollars to invest, the opportunities become a little more rare. So access is definitely a differentiator here.
But so is the technology. It can take under three minutes to complete the process—you don’t have to cut a check or submit your verification documents every time.

What message is most important for our readers?
What distinguishes us from our peers is that we have a full underwriting team that does diligence on each investment—and it’s not just about underwriting the deals. We also negotiate the terms with our in-house legal team, and have in-house management and servicing teams. We’re really working for investors in that regard.

We’re a one-stop shop for real estate investing and that’s what sets us apart.

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