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Meet The Company Merging Human Instinct And Robot Intelligence

Meet The Company Merging Human Instinct And Robot Intelligence

The financial services industry has gnashed its teeth over the rise of fintech, and more specifically robo-advisors. Innovations in the finance space threaten to leave thousands of financial professionals unemployed (and potentially unemployable), as investment decisions are increasingly entrusted to machines.

One company is working to inspire human-robot collaborations, however. Exeria has a series of products that allow investors to create investing algorithms, implement those robos and discuss the best investment strategies on a social network.

The company is based in Poland, but is looking to open an office in California this October according to Robert Roberson, a product specialist with Exeria.

Arena, Exeria’s algorithm-design program, allows financial experts to create automated investment strategies and gain insight into how robo-advisors actually work, all without having to learn code.

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“A lot of the robots that are on the market right now are ‘black boxes,’ and that means that they trade for you, but you don’t necessarily see how they do trades, and you can’t change the [algorithm’s] parameters,” Roberson told Benzinga.

Roberson said Exeria’s approach, which combines a robo-advisor's speed with the guidance and instincts of a human trader, is capable of producing incredible returns.

"Some robots bring in very high returns," said Roberson. "If you look at the Exeria rankings page, you'll see some traders have developed very successful algorithms."

Exeria plans to expand its social offerings, and Roberson would like to see more traders discussing the best algorithmic strategies on Exeria's social network.

Currently, Exeria’s platform comes in the form of a desktop app, but will support a browser-based product by the time it opens its U.S. office.

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