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The Stock Market Meets Fantasy Football

The Stock Market Meets Fantasy Football

It's August, which means fantasy football season is right around the corner. With that in mind, meet Stockpools, the company that's bringing the fantasy football concept to stocks.   Put simply, StockPools is a hypothetical trading platform. The idea is pretty straightforward: users register for free, pick stocks from a pool (without actually buying them) and track the results.

There are other sites out there to work in similar ways, the difference is that Stockpools actually offers prizes to winners.  

Benzinga recently had the chance to chat with the company’s President, Anil Mall, who shared some more information on the site and the company.

True Risk-Free Investing

When asked about what makes StockPools unique, Mall explained that they “have gamified the daunting task of stock analysis," essentially turning it into a competitive environment that mimics traditional fantasy sports. "We are the only site in the world to offer curious investors a completely risk-free platform to have fun exploring the stock market, while potentially winning real cash prizes should their portfolio outperform the competition,” he said.

“We live where the stock market meets social gaming, meets social media," said Mall. "And we can utilize a combination of all three industries to position ourselves nicely within the growing trends."

Users simply find a pool, similar to a "league", they want to play in (such as the Rio 2016 Olympic Sponsors pool), and pick from selected group stocks. Each pool has its own parameters, and some even allow you to make a trade with other users. 

A Platform That Benefits Users & Advertisers

Mall explained that Stockpools regenerates all of the traffic using an advertising model that has allowed it to award over $90,000 in prizes so far – at no cost to the users involved. Same as prizes, user acquisition is fueled almost exclusively by the site’s customers’ marketing dollars.

“We offer an innovative way to strategically target potential investors for our clients and put their publicly traded company in front of the eyeballs of tens of thousands of potential investors that peg the company against industry leaders. The users do their due diligence and track the progress to the company over the course of the pool, hopefully ultimately converting that user into a real investor,” the President expounded.

Your Next Chance To Make Some Money

Stockpools and The Investing News Network are currently working together to create a “Lithium/Graphite/Cobalt focused Battery Tech Stock Picking Challenge,” where they will be handing out more than $10K in prizes. This pool, which will open at the end of this week on the site, starts in September and will finish at end of November. Just in time to distract you from your fantasy football team. 


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