Exclusives https://www.benzinga.com/views/taxonomy/term/145889 en Experts React To State-By-State Cannabis Votes: 'Constituents Are Starting To Make Their Voice Heard' https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/18/11/12663874/experts-react-to-state-by-state-cannabis-votes-constituents-are-star <p>The 2018 midterm elections left the U.S. with a Republican Senate, a Democratic House and three states with legalized cannabis.</p> <p><a href="https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/18/11/12647209/michigan-poised-to-become-10th-state-to-legalize-recreational-mariju">Michigan voted </a>to legalize recreational marijuana, becoming the first state in the Midwest to do so, while Missouri and Utah passed ballot measures to allow the use of medical pot.</p> <p>Here&#39;s what experts are saying now that the votes have been counted.</p> <p><strong>International Cannabrands</strong> <strong>Inc </strong>(OTC: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/geatf#OTC">GEATF</a>) CEO Steve Gormley said a win for cannabis initiatives is a win for civil rights, job creation and people with illnesses best treated with cannabis products.</p> <p>&quot;The U.S. electorate continues to push a pro-cannabis agenda and common sense marijuana regulation.&rdquo;</p> <p><strong>Terra Tech Corp </strong>(OTC: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/trtc#OTC">TRTC</a>) CEO Derek Peterson said cannabis is becoming a platform issue for lawmakers.</p> <p>&quot;The economic, social and medical impacts are significant, and constituents are starting to make their voice heard. Cannabis and hemp legalization is being discussed on both sides of the aisle, and more and more political leaders who support the industry are gaining seats in Congress.&rdquo;</p> <h3>Michigan A Major &#39;Domino&#39; To Fall In Legalization</h3> <p>For Chris Walsh, founding editor and vice president of Marijuana Business Daily, Nov. 6 was a watershed moment.</p> <p>Michigan is going to be a &quot;massive&quot; market and potentially the second-largest marijuana market nationwide once the recreational system is up and running, Walsh ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/18/11/12663874/experts-react-to-state-by-state-cannabis-votes-constituents-are-star alt=Experts React To State-By-State Cannabis Votes: &#039;Constituents Are Starting To Make Their Voice Heard&#039;>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> Cannabis cannabis legalization Chris Walsh David Baetens Derek Peterson GEATF Government HMLSF Isaac Dietrich Khurram Malik marijuana legalization Michigan cannabis Midterm Elections midterms Missouri Cannabis MJ MSRT North Dakota Cannabis Ohio Cannabis Regulations Steve Gormley TRTC Politics Top Stories Exclusives Markets Interview General TRTC MSRT MJ GEATF HMLSF Government Cannabis Regulations Politics Top Stories Exclusives Markets Interview General Benzinga Wed, 14 Nov 2018 13:06:50 +0000 Javier Hasse 12663874 at https://www.benzinga.com Rhone Looks To Pioneer An Underserved Premium Mens Activewear Category https://www.benzinga.com/news/18/11/12664110/rhone-looks-to-pioneer-an-underserved-premium-mens-activewear-category <p>In the athletic apparel industry, numerous higher-end brands have emerged on the women&#39;s side of the business, but men&rsquo;s options have largely been relegated to&nbsp;<strong>Nike Inc</strong> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/nke#NYSE">NKE</a>), <strong>Under Armour Inc</strong> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/uaa#NYSE">UAA</a>) and <strong>adidas AG (ADR)</strong> (OTC: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/addyy#OTC">ADDYY</a>).</p> <p>These brands&#39; price points are generally very close to one another, typically within 5 percent &mdash; leaving an opportunity for more premium male-oriented activewear brands to proliferate.</p> <h3>A Premium Menswear Opportunity?</h3> <p>Rhone, a Connecticut-based activewear startup, identified what it sees as a need and desire for a premium activewear brand tailored to men.</p> <p>Activewear generates&nbsp;$44 billion in annual sales and is one of the fastest-growing segments in all of apparel, but premium men&#39;s activewear is&nbsp;an underserved market, according to Rhone co-founder and CEO Nate Checketts.</p> <p>Checketts said&nbsp;he found over 50 female focused premium activewear brands at an average price index of 140-160 percent to Nike in a study, but almost zero brands for men in the same category.</p> <p>&ldquo;That led us to believe there was an opportunity in the premium menswear. Guys were being force-fed this choice of big box lower experience retail active and we felt like we needed another option,&rdquo; <a ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/news/18/11/12664110/rhone-looks-to-pioneer-an-underserved-premium-mens-activewear-category alt=Rhone Looks To Pioneer An Underserved Premium Mens Activewear Category>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> ADDYY Adidas Cowen John Kernan LULU lululemon Nate Checketts Nike NKE Rhone UAA under armour Top Stories Exclusives Interview LULU US5500211090 NKE US6541061031 ADDYY US00687A1079 UAA Top Stories Exclusives Interview Benzinga Tue, 13 Nov 2018 20:40:04 +0000 Brett Hershman 12664110 at https://www.benzinga.com The Cannabis Finance Community Reacts To Jeff Sessions' Ousting https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/18/11/12672776/the-cannabis-finance-community-reacts-to-jeff-sessions-ousting <p>Whether you want to call it a resignation or a firing, the outcome is the same: <a href="https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/18/11/12652917/jeff-sessions-resigns-as-attorney-general-at-trumps-request">Jeff Sessions is no longer the attorney general of the United States</a>. And, with him, many expect, the federal government&rsquo;s strong opposition to cannabis legalization could depart as well.</p> <p>Benzinga reached out to <strong>iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc</strong> (OTC: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/ithuf#OTC">ITHUF</a>), CanopyVentures and Arcadian Fund for <a href="https://www.benzinga.com/topic/cannabis">the cannabis industry</a> perspective on the AG&#39;s exit.</p> <h3>A Positive For The Industry</h3> <p>For iAnthus Capital CEO Hadley Ford, having a top cop with a more &quot;constructive&quot; view on cannabis would be positive for the industry. But Ford never truly believed Sessions&#39; actions had a substantial effect on the sector.</p> <p>Having said that, Sessions&#39; mindset &ldquo;cast a cloud of doubt and uncertainty over the space, which caused volatility and higher costs,&quot; Ford said.</p> <p>&ldquo;If there&rsquo;s less doubt, we should see lower costs for capital and other inputs ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/18/11/12672776/the-cannabis-finance-community-reacts-to-jeff-sessions-ousting alt=The Cannabis Finance Community Reacts To Jeff Sessions&#039; Ousting>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> Arcadian Fund Cannabis Citron Research Hadley Ford HMLSF ITHUF Jeff Sessions Jeff Siegel Matthew J. Nordgren Matthew Nordgren Micah Tapman MJ Pete Sessions Short Sellers Politics Exclusives Markets Interview General ITHUF MJ HMLSF Short Sellers Cannabis Politics Exclusives Markets Interview General Benzinga Mon, 12 Nov 2018 20:42:28 +0000 Javier Hasse 12672776 at https://www.benzinga.com iAnthus CEO Talks MPX Bioceutical Purchase, M&A In The Cannabis Industry https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/18/11/12632859/ianthus-ceo-talks-mpx-bioceutical-purchase-m-a-in-the-cannabis-indus <p>A wave of consolidation is underway in <a href="https://www.benzinga.com/topic/cannabis">the cannabis sector</a>.</p> <p>In July, Canadian giant <strong>Aurora Cannabis Inc</strong> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/acb#NYSE">ACB</a>)<strong> </strong>acquired its industry peer <strong>MedReleaf </strong>for the U.S. dollar equivalent of $2.45 billion &mdash; the largest deal in the industry&rsquo;s history.</p> <p>Earlier this month, <strong>iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc</strong> (OTC: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/ithuf#OTC">ITHUF</a>)&nbsp;acquired <strong>MPX Bioceutical Corp </strong>(OTC: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/mpxef#OTC">MPXEF</a>) in an all-stock deal valued at around $637 million. iAnthus operates licensed facilities to cultivate, process and sell marijuana in several U.S. states.</p> <p>Benzinga talked to iAnthus CEO Hadley Ford about the&nbsp;latest acquisition, the company&rsquo;s strategy for the future and their take on the cannabis industry in the U.S. and around the world.</p> <h3>Why The MPX Acquisition Made Sense</h3> <p>The acquisition of MPX comes at a time when both stocks are &ldquo;pretty well undervalued,&rdquo; in Ford&rsquo;s view. Shareholders of both companies will benefit from the combination, the CEO said.&nbsp;MPX shareholders will receive&nbsp;a premium of around 31 percent.</p> <p>Under the terms of the transaction, each MPX shareholder will receive 0.1673 shares of iAnthus, which translates into $1.28 per share. At the same time, iAnthus&nbsp;will control the company and hold four of the seven board seats.</p> <p>Ford said&nbsp;31 percent is not a large premium to pay.</p> <p>&quot; ... When you look at it from a control premium perspective and you look at the other deals that have been done, a 30-ish percentage is the typical premium for control.&rdquo;</p> <p>The three keys to success in the North American cannabis space at this moment are footprint, capital and people, Ford said.&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;They [MPX] ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cannabis/18/11/12632859/ianthus-ceo-talks-mpx-bioceutical-purchase-m-a-in-the-cannabis-indus alt=iAnthus CEO Talks MPX Bioceutical Purchase, M&amp;A In The Cannabis Industry>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> ACB Beth Stavola Cannabis Hadley Ford HMLSF iAnthus ITHUF MJ MPXEF News M&A Top Stories Exclusives Markets Interview ITHUF ACB MJ MPXEF HMLSF News Cannabis M&A Top Stories Exclusives Markets Interview Benzinga Fri, 09 Nov 2018 13:36:01 +0000 javierhasse_alexoleinic@benzinga.com 12632859 at https://www.benzinga.com The Future Of Cryptocurrency: A Chat With Elixxir CEO David Chaum https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cryptocurrency/18/11/12613945/the-future-of-cryptocurrency-a-chat-with-elixxir-ceo-david-cha <p>In the 10 years since &quot;Satoshi Nakamoto&quot; developed bitcoin and created the first blockchain database, companies like <a href="https://elixxir.io/">Elixxir </a>have further revolutionized and specialized the digital currency&#39;s capabilities.</p> <p>With a focus on speed and security, Elixxir has enabled the processing of hundreds of thousands of transactions each second through the convenience of a smartphone app.</p> <h3>The Founder&nbsp;</h3> <p>CEO and founder, David Chaum has a very interesting background in the industry. As an educator and cryptographer, he founded both the International Association for Cryptologic Research and the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science. His first company, DigiCash, implemented his invention of secured digital cash.</p> <p>Throughout his career, Chaum advocated for the implementation of an anonymous communication network. With this, he introduced the use of undeniable signatures, a form of digital signature that blinds the message before it&#039;s signed, as well as a pseudonym credential system. Chaum is also responsible for the development of group signatures, which allow a member of a group ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/markets/cryptocurrency/18/11/12613945/the-future-of-cryptocurrency-a-chat-with-elixxir-ceo-david-cha alt=The Future Of Cryptocurrency: A Chat With Elixxir CEO David Chaum>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> Bitcoin Bitcoin Market Journal Blockchain Cryptocurrency cyptocurrency David Chaum Elixxir Fintech GBTC Satoshi Nakamoto White Paper Top Stories Exclusives Markets Interview GBTC Cryptocurrency Fintech Top Stories Exclusives Markets Interview Benzinga Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:46:41 +0000 Hannah Genig 12613945 at https://www.benzinga.com Kabbage Extends Access Of Small Business Lending https://www.benzinga.com/fintech/18/10/12550559/kabbage-extends-access-of-small-business-lending <p>As an up-and-coming leader in the genre of financial technology, <a href="https://www.kabbage.com/">Kabbage </a>allows small businesses to qualify for funding in just 10 minutes through the use of an automated lending platform.</p> <h3>What Happened</h3> <p>Kabbage is now lending over $10 million per day to small businesses, in congruence with the company&rsquo;s recent addition of 30,000 customers in 2018. The company reported its first $500 million quarter this year, according to the press release.</p> <p>The lender serves up to 1,400 businesses daily and has demonstrated a 68 percent increase of working capital accessed by Kabbage on mobile devices, as well as a 283 percent growth in use of the Kabbage Card since 2017.</p> <p>&quot;It was a great growth quarter for the company, and ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/fintech/18/10/12550559/kabbage-extends-access-of-small-business-lending alt=Kabbage Extends Access Of Small Business Lending>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> Fintech Kabbage Lending Rob Frohwein Scott Rosenberg Small Business Exclusives Interview Fintech Small Business Exclusives Interview Benzinga Wed, 24 Oct 2018 11:59:15 +0000 Hannah Genig 12550559 at https://www.benzinga.com Undelivered Tesla Vehicles Lead To Customer Frustration https://www.benzinga.com/top-stories/18/10/12500257/undelivered-tesla-vehicles-lead-to-customer-frustration <p>Reports of delays in <strong>Tesla Inc.</strong> (NASDAQ: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/tsla#NASDAQ">TSLA</a>) vehicle deliveries are appearing with increasing frequency.</p> <h3>Customer Feedback</h3> <p>In an Oct. 3 post titled &ldquo;Tesla Gave My Car Away,&rdquo; Reddit user oldmanshiba explained their frustration over the delay of a Model 3P delivery.</p> <p><img alt="" src="https://cdn2.benzinga.com/files/u134931/screenshot_60.png" style="height:196px; width:500px" /></p> <p>TV anchor Scott Jones took to <strong>Twitter Inc.</strong> (NYSE: <a class="ticker" href="https://www.benzinga.com/stock/twtr#NYSE">TWTR</a>) last month to complain about the delay in delivery of his new Tesla.</p> <p><img alt="" src="https://cdn1.benzinga.com/files/u134931/screenshot_61.png" style="height:458px; width:450px" /></p> <p>First-time Tesla customer Brian Benner of West Bloomfield Township, Michigan told Benzinga he experienced a frustrating set of delays but was ultimately satisfied once he received his vehicle last week.</p> <p>Benner&#39;s estimated delivery time after ordering a Model 3 in late June was anytime from September to November.</p> <p>The Tesla owner was contacted by a delivery representative Sept. 17 and scheduled for a Sept. 30 delivery, which was ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/top-stories/18/10/12500257/undelivered-tesla-vehicles-lead-to-customer-frustration alt=Undelivered Tesla Vehicles Lead To Customer Frustration>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> Elon Musk Gordon Johnson Model 3 Reddit TSLA TWTR Vertical Research Group Top Stories Exclusives Tech Interview TSLA US88160R1014 TWTR US90184L1026 Top Stories Exclusives Tech Interview Benzinga Tue, 23 Oct 2018 11:15:11 +0000 Hannah Genig 12500257 at https://www.benzinga.com What LeBron's Move To The West Coast Means For His Business Empire https://www.benzinga.com/news/18/10/12522669/what-lebrons-move-to-the-west-coast-means-for-his-business-empire <p>With the NBA season officially underway, all eyes will be on LeBron James and the new-look Los Angeles Lakers.</p> <p>Many have called James&#39; decision move to the West Coast as much of a <a href="http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=24080921">business decision</a> as it was a basketball decision, as the superstar looks to expand his media empire and <a href="https://www.benzinga.com/general/education/17/03/9214130/jordan-vs-lebron-battle-of-the-businessmen">compete with Michael Jordan </a>off the court.</p> <h3>Bigger Than Basketball?</h3> <p>&quot;It&#39;s incredibly advantageous for him,&quot; sports attorney Darren Heitner told Benzinga. &quot;Whenever he has some time off, he can easily handle in-person meetings with key decision makers in the entertainment industry. Just being close in proximity allows James to be more involved in his off-court passions.&quot;</p> <p>The perception of being in Los Angles also helps.</p> <p>&quot;[B]eing in close proximity adds a lot of value in days off, in any given day, if can meet in person, he can appear in front of a camera for various ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/news/18/10/12522669/what-lebrons-move-to-the-west-coast-means-for-his-business-empire alt=What LeBron&#039;s Move To The West Coast Means For His Business Empire>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> Andy Gray Darren Heitner FL HBO LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers Matt Powell NBA NKE Space Jam 2 The Shop Entrepreneurship Sports Exclusives General FL US3448491049 NKE US6541061031 Entrepreneurship Sports Exclusives General Benzinga Thu, 18 Oct 2018 20:33:59 +0000 Brett Hershman 12522669 at https://www.benzinga.com