Christian Fromhertz

Founder & CEO@Tribeca Trade Group

Christian has 15+ years of experience in the Financial Industry. The Tribeca Trade Group (TTG) offers traders education in options, stock, and ETF trading. Clients of TTG can view and watch Christian trade his option and systematic trend equity portfolio live in the TTG trading room. In addition, TTG provides real-time trade alerts, a macro & micro newsletter, and a daily trading plan with watchlist.

Previously, Christian was a Director and Senior ETF Trader with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. As an ETF / Delta One trader he made markets, and built pricing models in Domestic, International, Fixed Income, and Commodity ETFs. While at BAML Christian also led the sector and customized index trading platform. Christian managed trading books combined of over $4bn in assets and brought in revenue of more than $40mm a year through client facilitation, providing liquidity, arbitrage, and financing with an emphasis on strong risk management and operational efficiency.

Revenue targets were achieved through enhancing trading technologies which included building a basket trading platform, developing ETF trading algorithms, and ETF netting applications. Further efficiencies were created by working with stock loan and by using equity / index swaps and firm inventory to best maintain positions while performing ETF Creations / Redemptions to manage balance sheet. Additional contributions were made in trading Index rebalances, risk bids, GVWAP orders, and managing the firms Centralized Risk Book.

– Trading: Equities, ETFs, Options, Futures, FX, Swaps, Baskets, and Programs
– Customized Basket Trading: Creating Thematic Indices. Optimizing and rebalancing indices.
– Risk Manager: hedging, understanding risks, reporting & responsible for pnl.
– Financing: using swaps, inventory, coordinating effort with stock loan desks.
– Building Client Relationships