Ted Karkus

ProPhase Labs

My success in turning around, growing, and selling businesses is a direct result of my focus on execution, ability to pivot, and commitment to hiring the best people for the job. I forced the restructuring of ID Biomedical, a failing Canadian biotech company, which was ultimately sold to Glaxo Smith Kline for $1.4 billion.  I then turned my attention to restructuring ProPhase Labs.  After selling the Cold-EEZE brand for $50 million, I transitioned ProPhase into a world-class lab.

As early leaders in COVID-19 testing, our two CLIA-Certified labs—with state-of-the-art Thermo Fisher multi-plex technology, skilled teams, and capacity for 60k tests daily —delivers greater than 99% accuracy and offers testing results consistently in less than 24 hours. While other labs talk about capabilities, many lack them, or lack capacity. We always deliver what we promise, and then over-deliver for our customers.

As an entrepreneur, my focus on innovation has led to developing new products and acquiring emerging companies. Our goal is to always be forward thinking, serve consumers what they want, and in the case of COVID-19, staying a step ahead in testing for dangerous mutations.

With my background on Wall Street, passion for growing and investing in small cap companies, commitment to transparency, clarity and honesty, I’m at my best building companies, increasing shareholder value and protecting shareholder interests. This is especially true when our company now serves a vital role in getting America back to work and students back to school, safer and faster.