Alan Horsager

Duet Therapeutics

Alan Horsager, Ph.D. is President & CEO of Duet Therapeutics, and President – Immuno-Oncology at Scopus Biopharma (Nasdaq: “SCPS”). Dr. Horsager is a life science entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience founding, building, and leading biotechnology companies.

Prior to Duet and Scopus, Dr. Horsager was Director of LA BioSpace, a life science incubator focused on developing and supporting early-stage biotech companies spinning out from regional research centers such as Caltech, City of Hope, and USC. During this time, Alan also served as Interim CEO and Director of Olimmune, a company acquired by Scopus in June 2021. Prior to this, Dr. Horsager was Founder, President, & CEO of Episona, a company that developed an epigenetic-based diagnostic test for infertility, which was sold into fertility clinics and direct-to-consumer, internationally. Prior to Episona, Alan was the Co-founder & Chief Science Officer of Eos Neuroscience. Eos developed an optogenetic-based gene therapy for the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa (RP) through a collaborative effort between USC, MIT, and the University of Florida. His Ph.D. thesis was focused on developing computational methods to improve vision in RP patients implanted with electrical retinal prostheses. This research was in collaboration with Second Sight Medical Products (Nasdaq: “EYES”).

Alan holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Washington and a doctorate in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California. He has received many awards for his academic work, including a Burroughs Wellcome Fund CASI award. Alan also worked as a Consultant at L.E.K. Consulting and has numerous scientific publications and patents.