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Kristin Carlin

Fern Impact Partners LLC

Kristin Carlin is managing member, CIO and founding partner of Fern Impact Partners LLC. She also holds the position of managing member of FERN Impact Advisors LLC. She has been actively and continuously involved in alternative investing for more than 25 years, particularly in the area of portfolio management and hedge fund research and trading, with a deep knowledge of fundamentals, technical analysis, option trading strategies, and public and private equity portfolio selection and management.

Kristin Carlin, CIO, FERN Impact Partners LLC, previously was Portfolio Manager and Head Trader at Bedford Oak Partners, a hedge fund founded by Harvey Eisen, a highly respected and successful money manager. During her 12-year tenure at Bedford Oak Partners, she was involved in the launch of Bedford Oak Partners as well as all aspects of portfolio selection & management while maintaining the firm’s most important client relationships. She also managed the research/analyst team, all broker/dealer relationships and the trading operation. As well she was involved in the private equity investment process. Kristin began her career as a Block Trader on the Institutional Equity Desk at Prudential Securities in 1995, where she was responsible for execution for institutional clients worldwide. During her tenure at Prudential she also served as an assistant to the Head of Equity, Capital Commitment.

Kristin received a BS degree In Psychology from Alfred University. She continued her education with financial technical analysis training at the NYIF under the guidance of Ralph Acampora, a universally respected technical analyst. Since 2006, Kristin is a member of 100WF, a global network of professionals in finance and alternative investing. She was an initial member of the 100WF Portfolio Manager/Head Trader Peer Advisory Council and is currently a member of 100WF Female Fund Manager visibility campaign.

Kristin Carlin focuses on triple bottom line impact investments.