Evan Levine

CEO & Chairman

PsyBio Therapeutics Corp.

Evan Levine is an assertive and insightful leader encompassing over three decades of in-depth expertise in biotechnology and drug development, executive supervision, strategic ventures, asset management and the institutional investment business. His proficiencies include initiating, restructuring, and managing corporate infrastructure with knowledge, skill, and a proven track record of delivering extraordinary returns to investors and shareholders as well as partners, employers and employees. He is adept at launching and reorganizing companies in various stages of development as well as originating and managing investment products including hedge funds, private equity capital vehicles, and NFA commodities/futures funds. Mr. Levine has served on the public and private boards of over one dozen companies in roles that include Chairman of the Board, Executive Chairman, Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Audit Committee Chairman, Nominating / Governance / Compensation Committee Member, and Trustee.


Mr. Levine is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PsyBio Therapeutics, an intellectual property-driven biotechnology company developing novel formulations of psychoactive medications produced by genetically modified bacteria for the treatment of mental health challenges and other human disorders. He built a team with extensive experience in drug discovery based on synthetic biology and metabolic engineering as well as clinical and regulatory expertise progressing drugs through human studies and regulatory protocols. He was responsible for co-founding the company, acquiring the key platform technology, funding and institutional round led by the US venerated health care funds, and taking the company public on the Toronto Venture Exchange.


Prior to Mr. Levine’s activities at PsyBio Therapeutics, he served as Chief Executive Officer of ADVENTRX Pharmaceuticals Inc., a publicly-traded biotechnology company focused on the development of oncology and antiviral drug candidates. At ADVENTRX, Mr. Levine led a restructuring financing transaction and purchased a controlling interest in the Company for a pre-market valuation of approximately $700,000 and under his leadership, the Company was uplisted to the American Stock Exchange, raised over $80 million dollars including a $20 million round led by Carl Icahn, conducted clinical trials on three different continents including a pivotal phase 3 in the US, and had multiple institutional research analysts covering the company which resulted in the stock trading at a valuation of over $500 million.


Prior to launching ADVENTRX, Mr. Levine spent the first half of his career in the investment management and banking business. He served as Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager of Brown Simpson Asset Management LLC, a $500 million hedge fund that invested in private structured investments in public healthcare and technology companies. Mr. Levine also served as Senior Vice President of Convertible Sales and Trading at Dillon Read and Vice President of Convertible Bond Trading at Hambrecht & Quist where in both roles he augmented convertible investment banking by managing an active hedged portfolio in multiple securities.