This Benzinga Fintech Award Nominee Just Won ‘Best Of Show’ At Europe’s Largest Fintech Conference

Want to get your company in front of the best and brightest in fintech? Look no further than the 2016 Benzinga Fintech Awards, the industry’s premier networking event and awards show. Become a sponsor or get your early bird tickets today! 

For the second year in a row Benzinga is proud to host the Benzinga Fintech Awards, dedicated to recognizing the most innovative companies in the world of fintech. In anticipation of the May 24 gala, we’re introducing you to those companies that will be in attendance.

DriveWealth, a cloud-based fintech company nominated for the second annual Benzinga Fintech Awards, has won “Best Of Show” at FinnovateEurope for their Passport Mobile app. The app provides real time fractional share, or dollar-based, investing for investors who want exposure to companies but can’t necessarily afford it.

DriveWealth has been nominated as a finalist for the 2016 Benzinga Fintech Awards in the ‘Unique Proprietary Date & AP” category. In anticipation of the event, Benzinga spoke with them about what value they bring to consumers.

Benzinga: Why did you start your company?

DriveWealth: DriveWealth began with the vision of giving everyone everywhere access to invest in the U.S. Stock market, and has created an investing ecosystem which allows people all over the world to invest in the powerful financial products that the US stock market has to offer.

Benzinga: What do you think makes you unique in the fintech space?

DriveWealth: What makes DriveWealth unique is that we have B2B and B2C businesses. We have our own proprietary investing app, Passport Mobile, but we also partner with institutions all over the world who want to give their clients access to the U.S. stock markets through their native apps. We partner with local brokers, technology companies, and retailers whom investors are already familiar with, rather trying to compete with local companies.

Benzinga: What’s one thing you want users to remember your company by?

DriveWealth: We want users to identify DriveWealth as company that strives to make the US stock market available to them in an educational environment they are comfortable using and at a cost they are comfortable paying. We make our services available over a number of different interfaces so investors can trade at their own level.

Benzinga: What’s the biggest challenge to your company going forward, and how do you plan on overcoming it?

DriveWealth: Supporting global cross-border payments. But as time goes on, many fintech companies are working to solve this problem. We also face the challenge of developing a localized user experience for educational content. We plan to overcome this issue by working closely with our local partners to determine the educational topics that their clients would like to learn about.

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