Meet The Middle East’s First Robo-Advisor

For the second year in a row Benzinga is proud to host the Benzinga Fintech Awards, dedicated to recognizing the leading companies in the world of fintech. Ahead of the May 24 gala, meet the innovative companies that will be there.

Who they are:

Finerd, a robo-advisor in the Middle East using the latest technology and research to build portfolios for its customers.

Why Finerd was started:

To provide a better investment management service to those who are restricted by their income, location, and religion.

What makes Finerd unique in the fintech space:

The model exists in other countries, but Finerd is the only provider of such services in the Middle East.

What they want to be remembered for:

For providing honest and technologically advanced investment solutions to their customers.

What drives them to get up every single day and work on their business:

Helping people who are being ripped off by unscrupulous providers.

Their biggest challenge going forward:

Building client trust in a new company.

What the are looking forward to most about the Benzinga Fintech Awards:

Increasing brand awareness among potential clients and investors

You can learn more about Finerd at their website or Android App. For more information on submitting your company to the Benzinga Fintech Awards, sponsoring, or attending the event, click here.