Getting To Know The Benzinga Fintech Awards: KoreConX

The second annual Benzinga Fintech Awards is coming to New York City on May 24. In anticipation of the premier gala for financial technology, we’re introducing you to the companies that will be in attendance.

For more information on submitting your company, voting for the finalists, or attending the event, click here.

In the inaugural edition of this series, Benzinga presents crowdfunding service KoreConX.

Benzinga: Why did you start KoreConX?

Oscar Jofre, President and CEO of KoreConX: I’m an entrepreneur to the core. I want to build something that changes everything, and makes the industry as a whole better. My co-founder and I saw a need in the market, and knew that the time was right for fintech, and that with equity crowdfunding beginning to gain momentum, how companies raised money and managed their shareholders had to change.

Benzinga: What do you think makes your offering unique in the fintech space? Do you have any close competition?

Oscar Jofre: There’s never been another product that ties the entire ecosystem together like we do, or that companies can use pre, during, and post capital raise.

Benzinga: What’s one thing you want users to remember your company by?

Oscar Jofre: We want them to remember us for two things really. Our knowledgeability–we’re a young company, but we’ve worked hard to become thought leaders in equity crowdfunding and alternative finance, and we want the companies on KoreConX to benefit from what we know–and how easy we made it to bring everyone together around their company and set themselves up for success. We’re helping companies build better, stronger, and more transparent relationships with their shareholders.

Benzinga: What drives you to get up every single day and work on your business?

Oscar Jofre: I can’t help it, KoreConX is my baby. I’m always thinking about the business, the market, and all the things I plan for the company. Getting up in the morning is no problem, my biggest issue is getting to sleep at night. There is no such thing as a “work-life” divide for me.

Benzinga: How do you help people make money?

Oscar Jofre: We help companies access capital. That’s the very foundation of our business and our product. We partner with equity crowdfunding portals around the world as well as broker dealers, providing companies with the ability to manage the entire application and due diligence process through a single point of entry. Meaning that should the company get turned down by one portal, they don’t need to re-enter all that information to apply to the next. We also allow companies to manage and communicate with their shareholders post-raise, helping them create close relationships that ensure their shareholders will be their best customers and their biggest advocates.

Benzinga: Do you offer investors any unique data points that can help their trading/investing decisions?

Oscar Jofre: We don’t advise investors or offer data to the public on companies in our platform, but what we do offer them is a secure, centralized platform that they can use to manage all of their holdings in any company they’re involved in, and the assurance that these companies are reporting regularly, complying, and being completely transparent. We’re giving them peace of mind.

Benzinga: What’s the biggest challenge to your company going forward, and how do you plan on overcoming it?

Oscar Jofre: Being born global. We’re a small team of 23 people based out of Toronto, Peru, Indiana, and around the world, and we’re operating globally from the start. Our platform will be launching in Mandarin and Spanish in Q1 of 2016, and we’re working hard to stay in touch with big markets around the world. We’re lucky in a way because often business is business no matter where you are, and because so much of what we do is built on equity crowdfunding. I speak at events around the world and I’m able to bring together insights from leading markets around the world.

Benzinga: What are you looking forward to most about the Benzinga Fintech Awards?

Oscar Jofre: Meeting the other contestants. So many brilliant companies are in the running, and I’d love to learn more about them.

Benzinga: How can users find and interact with your company?

Oscar Jofre: We’re all over social media. People are free to connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and send me any questions that they might have. They can also register here.