Tim Quast

Founder & CEO@ModernIR

Tim Quast is founder and CEO of Market Structure EDGE, and also founder and President of ModernIR, the largest provider of quantitative equity-market analytics to US-listed public companies. Tim is a nationally recognized market-structure expert. His quotes on trading have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Financial Times of London, Reuters, Dow Jones, the Denver Post and the New York Times. His editorials on market structure run in trading publications including Traders Magazine, Dow Jones MarketWatch, CNBC Online and TABB Forum. Tim has also appeared regularly on CNBC. In June 2017, Tim was asked to submit written testimony to the US House Financial Services Committee on improving equity capital markets for public companies. Tim is a 25-year member of NIRI, the world’s largest investor-relations professional association, and currently serves on the national board. Before starting ModernIR in 2005, Tim served as the first investor relations officer at SureWest Communications (Nasdaq:SURW). Before that, Tim was co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of global retail investor-relations services company Informed Investors, Inc., from 1995 until it was acquired in 2001.Tim earned a BA at Ambassador University in 1991.