Scott Braun

Entrepreneur, Web3 advisor, & Host

The Dales Report's "Proof of Work" Podcast

Scott Braun is an entrepreneur and Web3 advisor, as well as host of The Dales Report’s “Proof of Work” Podcast

In addition to nearly 15 years of full-time experience as a national broadcaster with some of the world’s most prominent sports leagues like MLB and NHL, Scott has built a content-focused brand consulting business with a portfolio that includes video game company Com2uS, virtual reality athletic training software WIN Reality, and web3 project OnlyGems.

Based out of Manhattan, Scott’s a web3 enthusiast on a mission to spread awareness of impactful projects to a larger audience by both simplifying terminologies and digging deeper into the stories of the playmakers that will shape the future of the space.

Scott is also currently an advisor and host of Youtube’s exclusive Live MLB Game of the Week package, which averages over 1 million views per show.