Reda Falih



Reda Falih is a seasoned trader, value investor, engineer, and entrepreneur with a lifelong track record of bringing specialized data and resources to the everyday retail trader, often at little to no cost. Mr. Falih believes that retail traders, armed with the same data and opportunities, can not only compete with but also outshine institutional investors. This belief traces back to his youth when, as a teenager, he ran a successful value investment blog for a dedicated readership of over 70,000 active individuals. He later founded a data SaaS company that democratized access to options data that previously had been available only at exorbitant costs or to institutional investors. Under Mr. Falih’s leadership, the company grew to over 48,000 users. As the CEO of Aries, he continues to lead the charge in ensuring that all traders, regardless of their background or resources, have equal access to the knowledge and opportunities necessary to excel in trading and investment. It is his mission at Aries to reshape the landscape of retail trading and investment across the globe.