Peter Hazlehurst

CEO & Co-Founder


Peter has been an entrepreneur and product leader for 25+ years. Peter is Synctera’s CEO and co-founder and has been an advisor, buyer, seller and builder of FinTech and Financial Services throughout his career.

At Uber, Peter created and led the Uber Money team. Composed of a global organization that focused on Payments and Risk that built and operated all of the magical experiences that help spenders pay and earners get paid. Before Uber he built a couple of startups of his own design including AngelScholars – a philanthropic endeavor to create scholarships for high schoolers, and The Perfect Sip – a wine startup building an experience of wine exploration at home.

Prior to that, Peter was a Senior Director of Product Management at Google, responsible for Google Wallet and consumer payments. At Google he helped launch solutions including Pay By Gmail, Google Wallet NFC and the Google Wallet Card. He was also the CEO and a Board Member of Google Payments Corporation (GPC).

Peter was Chief Product Officer at Yodlee for 8 years (from 2004-2011) a technology and applications platform powering dynamic, cloud-based innovations for digital financial services. Yodlee pioneered much of the modern concepts of FinTech APIs and built consumer facing solutions for the largest banks in the US and around the world. At Yodlee he led the Engineering, Technology, Product Management, Professional Services and Data Operations teams both in the US and in India.

Peter has also led Product at Nokia for Enterprise Mobility and Mobile email, and been CTO at several startups involved in Supply Chain and Online Accounting. Peter grew up in Australia and moved to the US to do his first startup in 1993, building a core banking system that still runs today. They went public in 1996. Peter has an MBA from the University of Maryland.