Melissa Watras

Director of Product

Trillium Surveyor

Melissa Watras is the Director of Product for Trillium Labs and leads the growth of Surveyor, a post-trade surveillance and best execution software designed to accurately detect and eliminate market manipulation. Melissa has over a decade of experience working in financial markets and since joining the firm has led the launch of several new modules and product updates, most notably the Best Execution solution relaunch in August 2022.

Prior to joining the Trillium Labs, Watras spent over seven years in the trade surveillance space at a leading investment bank. Starting as a trade surveillance analyst in the UK, she eventually took on a strategic leadership role stateside where she supported the design and implementation of the global Trade Surveillance program. She is committed to empowering current and future clients to be stewards of the marketplace and is dedicated to providing trusted solutions to the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Melissa is passionate about bridging the gaps found within the financial industry. She is involved with multiple female-led mentor and networking groups and has been a long-time volunteer of Streetwise Partners, whose mission is to leverage mentorship to increase employment opportunities for adults from overlooked and under-resourced communities. Ms. Watras is a proud alumnus of Binghamton University where she earned honors in Liberal Sciences.