Duy Vo

Founder & CEO


Duy started Productfy after seeing the convergence of two huge macro trends: mass adoption of higher abstraction platforms and financial services moving to the edge of service providers. Duy is a product leader, having spent much of his career at FinTechs and InsureTechs. He started his career as a software developer building fraud detection software for CyberSource’s card processing system and eventually running engineering, product, and operations teams for various venture-backed companies. He is deeply passionate about financial services because he believes that the sector has both a huge opportunity and tremendous moral obligation to do societal good, and it’s largely failed our most vulnerable populations. He believes in the democratization of financial products and is committed to changing the way financial products are built… for good! Duy has baccalaureate degrees in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics and an MS in Computer Science from San José State University.