Damián Ariel Scavo

CEO, Chief Investment Officer


My experience with startups started in Europe at the age of 21, when I joined List Group. List Group created the first electronic stock exchange in Europe and, subsequently, one of the world’s first algorithmic trading systems and high-frequency trading platforms.

After many years of developing e-trading solutions, I co-founded with several colleagues renowned in the trading industry a trading desk operating as a private trading room. In 2011, I sold my shares to focus on a new adventure.

I moved to Silicon Valley, where I raised over 20M in funding to date and counting. In my previous company, Axwave, I grew revenue by 600% in 3 years, ranking in the Top Silicon Valley fastest-growing companies for 2014-2017. Axwave was acquired at the beginning of 2019 by another Inc500 company, Samba TV, today considered a unicorn.

Now, I am bringing my 20 years of experience in Algo Trading and Big Data to the retail market with my new company, Streetbeat. Wall Street has many competitive advantages related to Data and IP that are unavailable to normal investors. With Streetbeat, we want to close the gap by giving everybody the same quality trading that only hedge funds have had. The technology required to achieve these goals is not trivial: I wrote 15 patents for Streetbeat (4 already granted). In 2021 Streetbeat was invited to join the Stanford Entrepreneur community, StartX and we raised a $10M Seed round.

Concerning myself, I was born in Argentina, in a family with Italian roots. I started to code when I was 6. I didn’t have access to computers at home, so I had to code on paper and then run the code at school. In the few hours a week I had access to an actual computer. I speak three languages fluently and have lived significantly in 3 different parts of the world. I also co-founded and led my first non-profit project in 2006, where we fundraised and built schools and a Microfinance bank for Women in Benin, Africa. I have also supported several NGOs in Europe, focusing on education for kids and first aid.

I have talked about my work in technology and non-profits at several conferences, including SXSW, and mentored several startup incubators. I have studied Philosophy, Spirituality, and Consciousness since I was eight and practice meditation regularly. I am a trained parachutist, rock climber, motorbike racer, sports car racer, and scuba diver, and I am working on my pilot’s license. I visited more than 50 countries by the age of 30 and made my first million by 26.