Craig Cecilio

Founder & CEO


Craig Cecilio envisions a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to build wealth. He is the Founder and CEO of DiversyFund and a Fintech Platform engineer who serves the everyday investor.
His strategic approach centers on innovation and accessibility, harnessing capital aggregation to build alternative investment portfolios. Cecilio and associates manage over half a million accounts with more than 30,000 active stakeholders.
Before launching DiversyFund in 2014, Cecilio earned his BA from the University of Colorado and received his California BRE Broker License. He sat on the Board of Directors at ‘A Reason to Survive’ non-profit for nearly half a decade.
Cecilio has earned a trailblazing track record with a laser focus on wealth development. When he’s not working, Craig enjoys spending time with his wife and children, doing CrossFit, and strategizing his next moves.