Coeli Ayres

Managing Director

Lime Fintech

Over the past decade, Coeli has led numerous multi-million dollar product development and acquisition projects on a global scale. She is a staunch believer that a company’s success is interdependent on its ability to garner brand advocates—not just clients. Having spent time working in the real estate, chemical, and consumer goods sectors, her passion for people has always brought her back to financial services.

Today, Coeli is bringing her strategic leadership to a relentless pursuit of leveraging technology to empower traders and investors. Her experience in marketing, acquisitions, product development, and analysis is put to work every day to help Lime maximize its industry impact.

Coeli’s mission as the leader of Lime Fintech is to elevate the experience of those systematically marginalized by the myopic defaults of traditional banks and brokerages. Coeli holds a Master of Science in Administration and Marketing from Lindenwood University.