WorldFirst – a leading international payments provider – specializes in moving money around the world. As a fast-growing fintech, the company is dedicated to making international payments simple, fast and fuss-free for people and businesses with global ambitions. By combining best-in-class technology with award-winning customer service, WorldFirst has helped more than 150,000 people, small businesses and online sellers transfer more than $75 billion (£60bn) since 2004. The global company has more than 600 employees based in seven offices throughout the world, including London, Amsterdam, Austin - TX, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.


Convenience matters. Especially when businesses and online sellers need to make international payments in multiple currencies quickly, securely and affordably. WorldFirst has the payment solutions for global businesses. Online sellers can take their business to international marketplaces and bring their revenue back to their home currency with local currency accounts. WorldFirst offers accounts in the UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and the US, and access to great exchange rates to bring those revenues back home. Businesses expanding to new markets, making supplier payments or paying salaries overseas can take advantage of the payment solutions offered by WorldFirst. From single payments, to multiple payments or protecting an exchange rate for the future, WorldFirst can help businesses find the right product to suit. Whether expanding globally, paying salaries overseas or making supplier payments in other currencies, WorldFirst understands the peace of mind that comes with great exchange rates, award-winning customer service and secure transfers.

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