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Founded in 2001, Volante Technologies is a global leader in the provision of software for the integration, processing and orchestration of payments and financial messages within financial institutions and corporate enterprises. Volante is dedicated to helping firms increase their business agility so they can focus on thriving and being competitive. Product features such as configuration rather than coding, automation features including, automated code and documentation generation and integrated desktop testing promise significantly accelerated project completions every time, compared to alternative options. Volante serves a growing client base of more than 85 financial institutions and corporate enterprises operating in 27 countries around the world, including several of the largest global organizations. Many clients use Volante to assist with multiple product implementations ranging from message transformation and integration, through to on-boarding, processing and orchestration of payments. Along with its products, Volante Designer and the VolPay Suite of payments processing products, Volante maintains a growing library of hundreds of domestic and international financial industry standards plugins, transformations and processor modules. Volante serves its broad client base from offices in Jersey City (Volante HQ), London, Dubai, Mexico City, Bogota, Santiago, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune. The diversity of clients within the financial services industry means that Volante can comprehensively encapsulate a best practice approach into its product development roadmaps for continuous innovation. For further information about Volante, please visit: www.volantetech.com


Since its inception, Volante has been focused on solving the difficult aspect of financial messaging and payment data integration. The challenges in this area have traditionally been huge and typically form the most formidable obstacle in the creation and implementation of payments flow and processing. Projects involving payment hubs and their integration with the plethora of incoming payment flows typically take years to build and deploy and changes in these (which is mounting in quantity today) take months - and all at great expense and project risk. Volante implemented a vision of innovative solutions to this problem. We created VolPay Suite of payment products. With this suite and a huge maintained and growing library of off-the-shelf payments and financial message plugins and processor modules covering domestic and international standards, clients can implement projects that used to take years within months and those that took months, within weeks. VolPay's inherent features such as automation, configuration (rather than coding), inbuilt desktop testing and automated code and documentation generation make this speed and agility a reality. An example of this is that in November 2017 BNY Mellon celebrated the very first real-time / instant payment executed in the U.S.A via the Clearing House. Volante worked with BNY Mellon and TCH to make this possible. BNY Mellon's underlying technology that made this possible was Volante's VolPay Hub: RTP suite with the TCH RTP Processor Module. BNY Mellon is one of several very large financial institutions that Volante has a close collaborative relationship with for innovation. Volante helps banks to be in a position to quickly integrate with and process new payment types including Zelle and Ripple. When a new payment type emerges, Volante is there to enable banks to easily integrate and process them. Volante enables and enhances business agility.

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