TradingView is a cutting-edge financial platform where users can interact with each other, share ideas, learn about the markets, research, trade, backtest their trading strategies and a lot more.


TradingView is a one-stop shop where users can research, learn and trade. We created the largest social platform for self-directed traders and investors in the world. TradingView provides users with the tools and features to grow from zero to hero. Users can do everything in a single place. Our advanced platform makes it possible to share ideas, research, learn about the markets, communicate with other users and even trade directly from the charts! A variety of tools and features enable our users to hone their trading skills before risking real money since our platform can replicate live trading conditions. The platform supports both crypto and regular exchanges from many different countries. Almost all asset classes are supported and new ones are being added on a regular basis. Many crypto and finance enthusiasts find TradingView to be the best financial platform for research and analysis.

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