Swaper is a loan marketplace offering an easy investing in pre-funded consumer loans originated by its parent company Wandoo Finance Group in Poland, Georgia, Spain, Denmark and Russia. Since launch in October 2016 the platform has attracted 25m EUR worth of investments and earned investors a total of 319k interest. All investments offered on our marketplace start from 12% annual interest and are BuyBack guaranteed, meaning Swaper will compensate investors both for the invested principal and accrued interest in case the borrower is late with payments.We accept investments from European Economic Area bank account holders in GBP, PLN and EUR.


Swaper has simplified investing. We offer to invest in a prepared portfolio just with one click, that will bring investor the maximum interest income on the basis of chosen investment amount and period. Investment is diversified among different loans, countries and amounts, and the reinvestment option allows money to be continuously invested. Our Mobile Application (both android and iOS) offers investors to manage their investments easily and conveniently, and have a full control over investment thanks to the push notifications.

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