Rubicoin has two apps - 1) Invest - which allows people to buy fractional shares of top U.S. companies 2) Learn - which educates beginner investors on the stock market. Rubicoin is the only investment platform to have successfully combined proven expertise and the ability to buy as little as $10 of any listed stock. Both apps have favorable reviews on the App Store and are available on both iPhone and Android.


In the crowded world of fintech, Rubicoin is a truly innovative platform that stands out. Its core capability is fusing the provision of stock market education and the ability to execute, all in one place. With robo advisors and apps that invest for you, Rubicoin is dedicated to the vital human aspect of investing to invest with you. They work hard to ensure their users enjoy the entire investing experience, from learning and knowledge building, to the exciting, but intimidating, experience of buying their first stock independently, right through to full, and successful, diversification. This is all achieved through their two apps, Learn and Invest.

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