PerformLine is the leading RegTech company delivering automated compliance solutions for enterprises looking to mitigate regulatory risk and ensure brand safety. Our cloud-based platform empowers compliance functions with the intelligence, insights, and tools needed to mitigate risk across all consumer interactions channels including web, voice, chat, and mobile. PerformLine provides its clients with significant time and costs savings by automating compliance activities across channels and departments.

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PerformLine, a cutting edge regulatory technology company, was founded by CEO Alex Baydin in 2008. As an executive in the performance media space, Alex saw a need for better optics into the quality and compliance of leads and calls. With that vision, he started PerformLine to provide that integral transparency. What he didn’t realize at the time was that he was pioneering a new industry around marketing compliance monitoring. PerformLine now brings professionals in any industry an automated compliance solution to ensure regulatory and brand compliance in their marketing, advertising and consumer interactions. PerformLine’s cloud-based platform helps enterprises mitigate regulatory risk while allowing them to move fast in their industry and stay competitive. Web-based tools such as a proprietary Rule Engine and cutting-edge Speech Analytics help keep businesses compliant and uncover the unknown on the web and in contact centers. Business Intelligence gives access to data and trend reports, while Workflows centralize compliance and remedial processes in an omni-channel platform accessible from anywhere.

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