OpenInvest is an online investment platform that designs investment portfolios for users completely customized around their beliefs, allowing anyone to become a financial activist and take full control of their shareholder rights.


OpenInvest is a YCombinator- and Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup providing the world's first Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) platform for retail investors. The company was founded by a technology leader from the world’s largest hedge fund (Bridgewater), a sustainable finance leader from the world’s largest environmental NGO (WWF), and the founder of a consumer tech unicorn (Deliveroo). Together with their team, they are committed to mainstreaming ethical investing by making it easy, personalized, and social. Users pick any number of pre-developed issues that matter to them, built on data from expert sources like the ET Index and the Human Rights Campaign, and OpenInvest offers a custom portfolio that excludes any company actively working against the user’s values and highlighting any company working for them. Because OpenInvest portfolios are built out of individual shares instead of mutual funds and ETFs, they can offer unparalleled customization, and also allow users to add or remove companies at any time. Finally, OpenInvest is the only investing platforms that allows investors to easily take advantage of proxy voting. OpenInvest presents relevant proxy votes and shareholder resolutions to users, who can simply swipe yes or no to make their voice heard. No more huge paper packets, no more complicated online systems: any investor can now be part of the wave that changes the shape of corporate behavior.

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