Omega Point

Omega Point provides an AI-driven portfolio intelligence platform that helps asset managers build, refine, implement, and analyze investment strategies that are consistent with their underlying convictions. Featuring a powerful risk and performance visualization interface alongside a robust developer platform, Omega Point's Market Aware ™ platform helps investment professionals incorporate AI-driven market insights into their workflows and seamlessly adapt their strategies to changing market conditions. Our design-first platform cuts through the noise to reveal the true performance drivers of _any_ strategy, allowing investment professionals to uncover the unique, underlying drivers of risk and return in their portfolios. The platform's AI algorithms codify the evolving relationships between risk factors to accelerate human analysis and introduce an entirely new class of adaptive passive and active strategies.


Risk has returned with a vengeance, forcing investment professionals to be adaptive to changing market conditions like never before. With global market volatility having already risen two-fold in 2018, challenges to being adaptive are increasing in both frequency and complexity. Unintended risks have been impacting portfolios from all directions including changes in: macro conditions, bellwether surprises, and investor preferences across asset classes. To effectively adapt their strategies to increasingly complex and turbulent markets, investment professionals need a new breed of portfolio intelligence that is AI-driven and Market Aware. Omega Point’s Market Aware solution enables asset managers and allocators to focus on alpha, avoid draw-downs from unintended exposure to risk factors, and discover what really drives their P&L. Users gain a single view of risk across their entire organization, while AI insights empower portfolio managers to adapt to changing market conditions and discover rebalancing opportunities that directly improve their performance.

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