Munnypot is a revolutionary low cost, online investment advice solution. The service is centred around the goal the customer is trying to achieve.

Nominated for: Best Robo-advisor


Customers begin the journey by only having to answer simple questions to define the goal they want to invest for. They do this by using a straightforward, engaging and conversational automated chatbot. Munnypot makes the important decisions for the customer, selecting the appropriate tax wrapper for the client and the suitable investment fund. Munnypot currently provides five investment funds linked to one of five risk profiles which the customer selects based on the level of risk that they wish to take. Prior to Munnypot, many people couldn’t get access to financial advice because the fees and investment minimums were far too steep, or they didn’t have the time or confidence to invest. Munnypot was created to service the mass market who cannot afford or do not feel the need to seek traditional, financial advice. It also provides an attractive alternative to existing investors who want an active investment advice service at a cost comparable to other online self-serve solutions. Once a customer has an account, we aim to provide complete peace of mind. Munnypot will monitor the fund performance 24/7 against the customer’s goal. If the investment performance deviates from the goal, then we will notify the customer and provide actionable advice with the aim of getting them back on track. Munnypot will also inform the customer when they achieve key milestones. We have received excellent feedback from potential and actual customers on the ease of use of the service, the features it offers and the level of customer service that we offer.

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