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World's leading subscription management platform - ready to integrate with retail banks.


Consumers of today have a hard time managing subscriptions. The average number of subscriptions per household is now above 20, including subscriptions like music streaming, video streaming, newspapers, broadband, mobile phones, gym memberships, electricity, insurances etc. The bigger the amount, the bigger the risk of forgetting about what you pay for and you run a risk of paying for services you no longer user. Even if you are aware that you need to make a cancellation, it's often a hard and time consuming process to request a cancellation. By analysing the users transaction data (our platform is bank integrated) can we present a unique overview of what active subscriptions the user have. From this overview, we apply an electronic signature making it possible to manage all of the subscriptions. Manage can mean two things - cancel or improve. Our algorithm is constantly learning and know if the user have a high cost for example mobile phone or electricity. In this case the user can make a 1-click supplier switch to get a better deal.

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