Matic is a technology-driven insurance agency focused on helping lenders and loan officers better integrate homeowner’s insurance into the lending process. By using loan application information and first-of-its-kind technology, Matic provides homebuyers multiple policy options within seconds, helping loan officers close their loans faster. Matic delivers the most trusted, affordable insurance policies available thanks to its partnerships with a diverse network of insurance carriers. Today's borrowers expect a digital home-buying experience, and Matic gives them the digital insurance experience to match. For more information, visit or follow Matic on LinkedIn.

Nominated for: Best InsurTech Solution


Matic is a digital homeowner’s insurance (HOI) marketplace that helps lenders and servicers integrate HOI into the mortgage process. Matic leverages first-of-their-kind integrations to pull borrower and property data straight from the mortgage loan origination system (LOS), point-of-sale (POS) platform or real estate portal, so homeowners don’t have to manually enter data or guess the answers to questions they don’t know. Matic then normalizes the data, figures out how much coverage the homeowner needs and makes more than a dozen top carriers bid on the policy — in seconds. Matic also works with mortgage servicers to help homeowners maintain adequate and affordable HOI for the life of the loan. By applying smart analytics to data pulled from the servicing system, Matic identifies borrowers who could save money by switching their policy, providing a rare opportunity for servicers to give customers good news in the form of a lower escrow payment.

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