Our Goal: With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, millions of Americans seek the safety of a low-risk, high-yield fixed-income product as part of a diversified portfolio. Until the launch of PRIMOs from Income&, nothing on the market satisfied this demand. While others were avoiding the residential mortgage market, we built a way to treat it responsibly. By offering a product with high levels of transparency and unprecedented customization options, Income& is doing the polar opposite of what the banking industry has been doing for many years. Our Platform: Dedicated to making fixed-income investing simpler, safer, and more transparent for all, Income&’s next generation peer-to-peer marketplace gives investors full visibility into individual loan data and performance, and the ability to only invest in the PRIMOs that fit their risk profile. How do we do it? Income& works exclusively with prime-rated mortgage loans and established name-brand mortgage lenders to bring investors the opportunity to invest in fractionalized, high-quality residential mortgage loans on the PRIMO marketplace.

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At Income&, we’re reinventing the idea of fixed-income investing for the baby boomer generation.

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