Finicity is a leading financial data aggregation and insight provider. We have developed over 16,000 financial institution integrations, giving us a leadership position in financial account coverage. However, what sets us apart and gets us excited is changing market and consumer behavior by providing data-driven insights that help organizations and individuals maker smarter financial decisions. Currently, we're leading the charge to speed up credit decisioning by digitizing key elements, including the burdensome and paper-laden verification of assets and income process. We're doing this by allowing consumers to permission access to their accounts, from which we're able to readily pull the required information. As a result, we free up resources, improve accuracy and reduce fraud, while giving borrowers a paper-free, hassle-free experience. The solution has been vetted and validated as demonstrated by our partnership with Experian, and that we're in pilot with Fannie Mae for Day 1 Certainty.


Finicity enables a financial data-sharing ecosystem that is secure, inclusive and innovative. Through its real-time financial data aggregation and insights platform, Finicity provides solutions for financial management, payments and credit decisioning.

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