Envision Financial Systems

Envision Financial Systems and U.S. Bancorp Fund Services have collaborated to bring financial intermediaries a new approach to managing mutual-fund-only investor accounts. Traditionally, intermediaries have opened and held these accounts directly with mutual fund families—and suffered business inefficiencies and lack of control. Or, they’ve been forced to “go to conventional brokerage” with accounts unsuited to traditional brokerage’s fees and complexity. FundKeeper is an alternative to both these options. FundKeeper can integrate in real-time with intermediaries’ existing software to provide comprehensive, centralized account management—with the potential to change shareholder servicing from a cost center into a new revenue stream. • Can replace a previously paper and mail process to eliminate mailing delays, costs and uncertainty • Aggregates individual mutual fund trades into a single trade by fund • Can reduce post-trade review and possible rebooks with automated good order and suitability reviews at the time of the transaction • Eliminates investor-level trading charges • Can minimize post-trade issues with automated break-point tracking and application of rights of accumulation


FundKeeper is a mutual fund processing platform that can deliver to a broker dealer firm—from a single servicing point—all services currently provided at the mutual fund family level. Essentially, FundKeeper consolidates existing direct fund-held investor accounts onto a single platform.

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