Elevate is a leading provider of responsible credit products to those who are often overlooked€� high-risk, nonprime consumers. Today, 160 million Americans are nonprime, underserved by traditional credit providers and left with very few affordable options. Banks, credit cards, and other traditional credit providers do not serve nonprime consumers, those with credit scores under 700. Often, this demographic of hard-working Americans have been limited to securing high-cost short-term credit from pawn shops, title loan companies, and payday lenders. Instead of closing this gap, most online lenders have poured innovation into serving prime customers already swimming in credit. Elevate decided to take the road less traveled. We use advanced technology and proprietary risk analytics to provide more convenient, responsible and transparent financial options that solve nonprime consumers' immediate financial need and provide the tools and information needed to help them improve their financial futures. Elevate, in 2016, launched the Center for the New Middle Class, a research arm that regularly conducts and releases studies on the growing segment of middle-class Americans living in nonprime households, including the nearly half of all Americans who would not be able to cover an emergency expense of $400 or more. These are not reckless spenders - these are our neighbors, friends and colleagues, hiding a volatile financial reality underneath carefully maintained appearances. Elevate has deemed this sector €œthe New Middle Class€� and, instead of just working to define this group of Americans, we are working every day to help them be, €œGood Today, Better Tomorrow.€�


As one of the first in the industry to develop a risk-based pricing model focused on nonprime credit, Elevate is leading the next generation of more responsible online credit providers. Elevate's proprietary automated underwriting capabilities allow us to make data-driven loan decisions in seconds, conveniently serving customers when they need it most. Additionally, each of Elevate's products provides a number of consumer friendly features and financial wellness tools that are unmatched in the industry.

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