Chime, the leader in the U.S. challenger banking, is the answer to a broken banking industry. Chime helps members avoid bank fees, save money automatically, and lead healthier financial lives with a modern, mobile, and connected bank account. American's are rapidly switching from traditional banks to Chime - "the bank account that has your back" for a fresh approach to banking.

Nominated for: Best Digital Bank


Traditional banking is broken. Traditional consumer banking business models are almost entirely driven by fee income. Chime is different. We’re changing banking without relying on bank fees for profit. As the leader in U.S. challenger banking (FDIC insured checking, savings and Visa debit card), Chime is now helping more Americans than ever avoid fees, save money automatically, and take control of their finances. The company recently announced it’s opening over 100,000 bank accounts per month and are now over 850,000 total bank accounts. Last year we helped members avoid over $225M in potential overdraft fees and put over $72M into savings accounts in 2017. Chime is funded by Crosslink Capital, Aspect Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, Cathay Innovation and Homebrew.

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