BondIT is a data-driven algo-advisory solution that increases bond sales and enhances client interactions for fixed income investment managers and advisers. Our technology empowers wealth managers and advisers to implement fixed income strategies by enabling the construction and rebalancing of bond portfolios in seconds. This is achieved via sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools backed by proprietary machine learning algorithms. BondIT’s value for wealth and asset managers includes: + Increased revenue : by empowering wealth managers and advisers with data-driven, personalized investment recommendations + Transform the client-experience : by providing bespoke compliant portfolios with trade recommendations backed by analytics + Ensure fiduciary compliance by placing the clients’ requirements at the center of the process. Our clients and partners include banks, wealth and asset managers, advisory platforms, and online trading platforms across various geographies.


BondIT is the only fixed income algo-advice solution that enables portfolio managers and advisers to create truly bespoke bond portfolios, make proactive trade calls, share performance analytics, and discuss smart, data-optimized rebalancing ideas with clients in real time. The solution is designed with the entire bond portfolio management life-cycle in mind. BondIT automates the manual work, and reduces the opacity from your client’s investment experience, allowing advisers to focus on giving value-added advice and build more loyal relationships. BondIT enables massive productivity enhancements and increased customer service.

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