Bambu is Asia’s Premier B2B Robo-Advisor, founded in February 2016, offering businesses the ability to benefit from the ongoing digital transformation in wealth management. Based in Singapore, Bambu makes saving and investing simple, and intelligent. We have partnered with world leading companies to create cutting edge platform that is scalable and useable by every business. We are positioned to be the leading FinTech player in Asia.

Nominated for: Best Robo-advisor


BAMBU is a Fintech startup which specializes in providing Robo-Advisory solutions for banks, insurance companies and non-financial industries like Telcos & E-Commerce. Leveraging on deep learning technologies, we believe that we can change the way people save, invest and manage their wealth. In the one year since our founding, we have attained multiple accolades and expanded rapidly. We won the Best Early Stage Startup at Fintech Finals 2017 and Best in Show Finovate Asia 2017, were named Finalist in the SuperCharger 2.0 Accelerator, and were picked by Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund as one of the top 3 Fintech Startups. Additionally, we launched Singapore’s first Robo-Advisory platform for Crossbridge Capital, a global wealth management firm.

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