Ask a Lender

Ask a Lender is a unique online platform that helps borrowers connect with lenders directly while protecting their personal information. Ask a Lender provides unprecedented lender searches and educational resources required to Borrow Wisely.


Taking out a loan is intimidating for many people, including millennials who are entering their peak homebuying years. Ask a Lender aims to use its technology and educational resources to simplify how people find lenders and financial information. Ask a Lender is a free and open online platform that connects borrowers with lenders across a variety of loan types, including residential and commercial mortgages, personal, auto, student and business loans. It also offers hundreds of original personal finance articles to help consumers make smart financial decisions and borrow wisely. As of January 2018, more than 2,500 lenders have joined Ask a Lender and entered their loan programs, using more than 6,000 unique underwriting data points. This detailed database of loan programs is available to borrowers to search, find and connect with their lender matches, for free. In addition, borrowers can customize their searches to match specific needs. For example, they could look for lenders that accommodate low down payments or bad credit scores or offer niche loan types. Throughout the process of searching and finding lender matches, borrowers maintain complete control over their privacy and personal information. They get instant results and initiate contact only with lenders of their choice all at no cost. Unlike many loan-comparison platforms, Ask a Lender doesn't capture and sell borrower data to lenders. Ask a Lender was launched in November 2017 by the team of Scotsman Guide Media Inc., an award-winning provider of print and online resources for mortgage originators since 1985. It took the team behind Ask a Lender nearly three years to develop the platform, which leveraged Scotsman Guide's industry experience and insight.

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