4G Capital

We empower micro and small businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa to grow and succeed. This not only means access to credit, but also the skills to use it correctly. It’s why our first product blends loans with financial education. We provide each client with a bespoke programme of business training which enables them to use the credit we provide to positively grow their business. We look at their current life and business stage to give them the relevant information to help them on their journey. Conventional service providers see this as an insurmountable challenge. We see it as an opportunity to utilize data in ever smarter ways. Using our proprietorial machine learning system, we’ve found ways to use data from multiple sources to design credit products at scale which are optimized for segments, business risk, timescale and affordability.

Nominated for: Best Lending Platform


Fintech working capital credit and business training to the massive informal market sector in sub-Saharan Africa

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